Welcome to the course “Lightweight Materials - Their Properties, Technologies and Advanced Applicability”, Part 2 of the course series Lightweight Materials.

The course deals with materials relevant for lightweight design, with a focus on metallic lightweight materials. Since effective lightweight design requires an interdisciplinary approach that combines material lightweight design with constructional lightweight design, productional lightweight design and functional lightweight design, there are close links with these disciplines in terms of content, whereby the orientation towards materials as a general approach forms the basis in terms of content.

The contents of the course is...

• Lightweight design and lightweight principles
• Density-specific material characteristics for material selection
• Strenghtening Mechanisms of metalllic lightweight materials
• Advanced steel, aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys for modern lightweight applications
• Novel processing approaches and alloys for additively manufactured integral designs
• Novel joining techniques and designs for hybrid composite materials and structures

You will...

• learn about the particularities of density-specific material characteristics and can use them to make a load-related material selection

• understand the material-specific microstructure-property relationships of different alloy classes and material systems under consideration and their limits in properties, processing and application
• are able to qualitatively describe the behavior of structural designs under load and their failure behavior
• can draw conclusions about material selection, composition, processing and constructive design
• are able to develop and evaluate their own approaches to solving new problems, also taking into account related fields
If you have not participated in Part 1, you will find much of the content on this website summarized in Chapter 1 Fundamental Aspects.
Finally, if you have any questions regarding the content of the course, need further information or like to give feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch: vonhehl@iwt-bremen.de or avh302@nyu.edu

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