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Why this blog?

Die Stipendiat:innen des Deutschlandstipendiums der Uni Bremen präsentieren jubelnd ihre Urkunden.

Award Ceremony for the Germany Scholarship at the Kunsthalle Bremen 2024

We – the Germany scholarship holders of the University of Bremen – have created this blog to establish a communication platform for the scholarship holders and sponsors. The idea emerged during the Corona pandemic. Originally, a mid-term celebration was planned (as in previous years), where we wanted to introduce ourselves and establish and foster contact between scholarship holders and sponsors. Unfortunately, this event fell victim to the Corona pandemic and the associated contact restrictions in the past two years. So, we looked for an alternative way to introduce ourselves and establish contact with our scholarship sponsors.

Here, we will regularly publish posts in which individual scholarship holders introduce themselves. Many scholarship holders are also involved in voluntary activities alongside their studies. In the category ‘Our Volunteering Activities’, some will present their volunteer work. The scholarships would not be possible without the support of sponsors. In the category ‘Meet Our Sponsors’, you have the opportunity to get to know the companies and individuals behind the sponsorship. We warmly invite you to read the posts regularly and to comment on them.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or other feedback regarding this blog, we are happy to assist you here.