A lot is wrong in today’s world

Death became a business

Emotions are a sign of weakness

Men do not cry

Maschinen control our soul

we love things instead of people

It’s a harsh world

a lonely world

Don’t get stuck in a lie

you have to see right through and recognize it for what it is.

Let me tell you about Distraction !

What is that shit we are so addicted to?
We are looking for distraction everywhere.

Please don’t show me the truth.

The economy made a business out of it.

The alcohol industry fits their needs perfectly. Keep em distracted. Let them work. Let them play my game.

Let them be but distract them.

Let them only grasp the surface of the thing.

Keep em busy enough so that they don’t even know what they want and then give them whatever the fuck we want.

Make them go oh my god. It’s Black Friday. 
And yes the name is fucking shit.

No, you don’t even know what it means.

For you it just means more distraction and oh yeah the argument that you tell yourself says: I am buying cheap and saving tons. Yeah right. Whatever. 
You are being distracted and you buy that crap.

You are like lamb being thrown around by the state, by the economy.

You are helpless dancers, dancing to music with rhymes and lyrics you don’t even get but you dance anyway cause everyone does. 
You are like lost children who sign contracts without even reading the terms and conditions, well they suck.

They are outright crap. The conditions to being told what to say, what to do, how to think, what to think, when to think and that is better never except if you need to calculate the percentage of bucks you are saving on a piece of clothing, they are horrendous. 
No. You don’t want to get it. I get it.

You don’t want to know it. It’s ok. 
But at least give me a break and don’t look for distraction for once, please.

Be here.

Look in the mirror and tell me that you really don’t give a shit about human rights.

Can you? 
Yeah, I know. 
Too much distraction right? 
Just keep on drinking, it will heal none of the shit but you’ll numb it.

At least until Monday morning.














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