The PACE Project meets another region in Spain

At the beginning of April, the PACE Project met the Valencian region in Spain in order to disseminate the project results. Two education centres where visited in Catarroja (Valencia).



The CIPFP (Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional), offers several branches on vocational education and training (furniture, heating installations, design, energy efficiency and thermal solar energy). All these branches belong to the dual education, where the students learn at the educational centre and spend some hours working at a company related to those fields.



Florida is another centre in the region that offers a wide range of education possibilities that include vocational and higher education among others. As a highlight in the vocational education they recently created a “travel agency school”, where the students from tourism work at a real travel agency located at the same school campus. Older graduated students are in charge of the travel agency office and help current students on developing their competences by learning from real work and best practices from the sector.



Besides, contacts with the promotor Pontydysgu located in Valencia where established for future cooperation in the student enterprises sector.