artistic struggles for recognition – „The purpose of art is the fight for freedom.“ (Ai Weiwei)

artistic struggles for recognition – „The purpose of art is the fight for freedom.“ (Ai Weiwei)

Serhado (alias Serhad Ayaz )

biographical information:

  • Born in Sweden to Kurdish parents who escaped from Turkey
  • 35 years old
  • rapper who combines modern lyrics with traditional folk music Dengbeji
  • keen advocate of Kurds obtaining autonomy
  • Serhad Ayaz: „My main aim is that when I’m on stage I give hope, I try to keep the faith going.“

song: Ez Kudistan im (I am Kurdistan)


Lyrics: I am Kurdistan

I am the earth, I am water, I’m the storm, I am the fire

I am the winter I fall, I am the spring, I am summer

I Mahabad*1, Kameshli*2, Erbil*3 and Diyarbakir*4     *1 Kurdish city in northwestern Iran and capital of the West Azerbaijan district

I am the north, south, west and east                               *2 Main town of Cizîrê, one of the three cantons of Rojava

I am the land full of silver and gold, I oil, I’m rich        *3 Capital and seat of the government of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq

I’m blue, I am flowers, I’m red and yellow green           *4 primarily kurdish and second largest city in Southeastern Anatolia in Turkey

My nature is beautiful, I am the Zagros*5 and Ararat*6  *5 Mountains of Iran, parts of the area is located in Iraq (in the autonomous region of Kurdistan)

I Serhed and Bahdinan*7, and Dersim*8, Botan*9             *6 a dormant volcano in the Arara highlands in eastern Anatolia near the border with Armenia

I am the source of life, I am the Lake Urmia*10and Van*11  *7 one of the most powerful and enduring Muslim Kurdish principalities

I Avashin and Munzur*12, Tigris and Euphrates*13            *8 unofficial name of a Kurdish area in Turkey that has been renamed

I am the Nimrod*14 and Hasankeyf*15, I Mem and Zin*16   *9 historical landscape in Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan

I am the captain of humanity on Mount Judi*17            *10 endorheic salt lake located between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan in Iran

Bringing the day I Newroz*18, I Kawa the Blacksmith*19     *11 the largest lake in the far east of Turkey

I am Zoroaster*20, I Saladin*21, I am Pir Sultan*22         *12 Mountain range in Turkey as a continuation of the Taurus Mountains

Sumerian child, daughter of the Median, I’m history, I am the people, I am the earth,  *13 great rivers in the Near East

I am Kurdistan!                                                                     *14 an ancient Assyrian city

I am Kurdistan, the bride of the world                              *15 an ancient city fortress on the Tigris

Bastion of bravery, I am a heavy war                               *16 a Kurdish classic love story written down 1692

Source of life, the existence domain                                 *17 Noah’s „Place of Descent“, the location where the Ark came to rest after the Great Flood

Hoping you, I bring the day.                                              *18 Persian New Year and Spring Festival

I am the sun’s rays, I am the leaves, I am the snow and rain    *19 a figure in Iranian mythology who leads a popular uprising against a ruthless foreign ruler

I am the hawk in the sky, I am the wind pastures               *20 an ancient Iranian prophet, religious reformer and spiritual leader

For a thousand years my load is heavy and I injured         *21 Kurd and first sultan of Egypt

I am the blood of the red earth, I am sacrificed by the pressures and oppressions    *22 poet whose songs are said to have led to several uprisings

I am the prisoner, oppressed, I am detained in a cage

I am armed with the sun, protecting me, I’m resistance

I am hopeful tomorrow independence, tomorrow I am the wind

I am the country, I am the nation, I am the heart of a new sunrise   *23 high-ranked PKK members

I am the child and mother, I’m irreverent and martyr           *24 Guerrilla fighter and is venerated by the PKK as a martyr

The mother is, Hayri, Mazlum and Kemal Pir*23                    *25 female Kurdish name + the name of a massacre of Kurds during the Ararat uprising

I Heroic I Beritan*24, Zilan*25, I Berivan*26                             *26 female Kurdish name + name of the German-Kurdish politician Berivan Aymaz

I raise my hands and I swing my head                                  *27 leader of the KDP and one of the most prominent political figures in modern Kurdish politics

The mother of Mustafa Barzani*27, Sheikh Said*28 and Bedirkhan*29          *28 one of the leaders of Kurdish rebellion

Twenty-nine time I looked up,                                                                       *29 Kurdish prince of the botanical dynasty

I revolt and purpose, I hope the free.

I am Kurdistan!

I am Kurdistan, the bride of the world

Bastion of bravery, I am a heavy war

Source of life, the existence domain

Hoping you, I bring the day.

–> mentions important historical as well as contemporary Kurdish sides, cities and areas as well as natural phenomenon of the Kurdistan region like lakes, rivers and mountains (especially mountains and sides there multiple times)

–> names historical male and fewer female figures who led rebellions, were political leaders and/or are seen as martyr

–> tries to encourage the Kurdish community to keep fighting for an own state, by using strong symbols like mount Judi (Noah’s „Place of Decent“, the location where the Ark came to rest after the Great Flood)




  • Artists of the association RengArt e.V. (member association of the KGD) created two works of art infront the Bundestag
  • 14 artists were involved in the campaign
  • goal:        1) to thank the German Bundestag for condemning the Turkish invasion of northern Syria                                                   2) to increase the pressure on the federal government to break its silence on human rights violations and war                             crimes

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