Aufgaben zum 14. Vorlesungstermin am 04.07.17 bei Dr. Christoph Fantini

Benennen Sie die für sie bedeutungsvollsten Inhalte, die sie zum Umgang mit Heterogenität in der Schule aus der Ringvorlesung mitgenommen haben, und reflektieren sie, welche Bedeutung diese Inhalte für ihr nächstes Praktikum haben könnten.

The lecture series gave me some interesting insights into the topic „dealing with heterogeneity“. Especially when dealing with aspects of Intersectionality. (Intersections such as gender and social econominc status).

As I one of the few male „Grundschullehramt“ students, I was shocked and surprised to hear how the intersection of male pupils, who come from a underprivileged social economic background, are affected.

I also particularly enjoyed the lectures which dealt with German as a second language and the different gender specific interests of pupils in regard to „Naturwissenschaft“. As German is my second language I was surprised to see just how complexe the challanges which faces pupil are.

Für das Praktikum

Having never been to school in Germany, I am very excited to see exactly which methods are used and how they compare to the methods used in my school career. For example, if in fact the more „modern“ theories are being applied in the class room, or, as it was in my school career, most of the lessons are presented through „frontal Unterricht“.

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  1. Hey Micheal,
    it has been a long time since i wrote my last essay on English, so forgive me my mistakes in this comment. 😉
    Since this is an article about your personal opinion, I can´ t comment on whether you are wrong or not. I also liked the lecture about heterogeneity in science and maths very much.
    I think you expressed your view on this course pretty well, considering German is just your second language and the lectures are sometimes pretty hard to understand (so i can imagine).

    Greetings Sven

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